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Computer Science Basics Mcqs

Computer Science is the investigation of computers and computational frameworks. Not at all like electrical and computer engineers, computer researchers manage software and software frameworks; this incorporates their hypothesis, design, advancement, and application.

Computer Science Basic Sample Mcqs

1. The main measure of the efficiency of the algorithm
A. Process and memory
B. Time and space
C. Date and space
D. Complexity and capacity

2. Big-oh allows the possibility the growth rates are the
A. different
B. Same
C. Greater
D. None of these

3. Which Symbol tell us logarithms grows very slowly.
A. logkN=O(N)
B. Log(N)
C. Log2(N)
D. Nlog(N)

4. The Relative growth rates of two functions f(N) and g(N) by Limn->0f(N)/g(N) then
A. f (N)= o(g(N))
B. f ( N)+o(g(N))
C. G(N)=o(f))

5. Gcf()
A. greater common divisor
B. greatest common divisor
C. greatest common divisor
D. none of above


1. (B) Time and space
2. (B) Same  
3. (A) logkN=O(N)
4. (C) G(N)=o(f))
5. (B) greatest common divisor

6. If MSN then M mod
A. N<M/2
B. N>=M/2
C. N<=M/2
D. N>M/2

7. An online algorithm that runs in
A. binary search
B. fraction time
C. Buble search
D. linear search

8. In maximum subsequence, the input size is N=100,000 then O(N3)
A. 3.33
B. 86.67
D. 0.03332

9. N power 2 symbol is
A. quadratic
B. cubic
C. linear
D. constant

10. Log2N symbol is
A. logarithm
B. long-square
C. exponent
D. linear


6. (A) ‎N<M/2
7. (D)  linear search
8. (C) NA
9. (A) quadratic
10. (A)  logarithm

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