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English Mcqs – IELTS

English Sample Mcqs


1. Amir has been blessed ___________ a son. ?
A: with
B: upon
C: for
D: of

2. The synonyms of “Cordial” is ?
A: Pleasant
B: Informal
C: Confronted
D: Frost

3. I am not concerned _____________ his affairs. ?
A: to
B: at
C: with
D: on

4. Match relation between the given pair of words MENDACITY : HONESTY ?
A: courage : cravenness
B: wickedness : lie
C: money : wealth
D: acclaim : truthfulness

5. Match relation between the given pair of words CARPENTER : SAW ?
A: athlete : runner
B: assembly : member
C: mason : wall
D: reaper : sickle


1. (A) With
2. (A) Pleasant
3. (C) With
4. (A) courage : cravenness
5. (D) reaper : sickle

6.  Antonym of EFFICACY ?
A: Strange
B: Well-known
C: Inefficiency
D: Effectiveness

7. Antonym of PERFIDY ?
A: To impure
B: Thoroughness
C: Purification
D: Loyalty

8. Synonyms of CRAVEN ?
A: Cowardly
B: Laziness
C: Politely
D: Arrogant

9. What is the Synonym of RESTIVE ?
A: Restful
B: Restless
C: Crucial
D: Pause

10. What is the synonym of rebate ?
A: Cheap
B: Expensive
C: Inflation
D: Discount


6. (C) ‎Inefficiency
7. (D) Loyalty
8. (D) Cowardly
9. (A) Restless
10. (D) Discount

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