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General Knowledge Sample Mcqs

General knowledge has been characterized in differential psychology as “socially esteemed knowledge communicated by a scope of non-pro media” and incorporating a wide subject range. Studies have discovered that individuals who are profoundly knowledgeable in a specific space will in general be knowledgeable in many.

General Knowledge Sample Mcqs

1. Which is the capital of Angola
a) Baku
b) Canberra
c) Luanda
d) Manama

2. Land of Midnight Sun is called
a) Italy
b) Israel
c) Japan
d) Norway

3. Andes mountain ranges is situated in
a) North America
b) South America
c) Europe
d) Asia

4. Mount Everest Is in which country
a) China
b) Nepal
c) Pakistan
d) Bhutan

5. Reuter is news agency of
a) Russia
b) USA
c) UK
d) France


1. (C) Luanda
2. (D) Norway
3. (B) South America
4. (B) Nepal
5. (C) U.K

6. World War First started from
a) 1915
b) 1914
c) 1916
d) 1918

7. Diet is the name of parliament of
a) Japan
b) Iran
c) USA
d) Germany

8. The headquarter of common wealth is in
a) Washington
b) Brazil
c) Rome
d) London

9. NAM was established in year
a) 1962
b) 1963
c) 1961
d) 1960

10. Abyssinia is an old name of
a) Iraq
b) Iran
c) Bhutan
d) Ethiopia


6. (B) ‎1914  
7. (A) Japan 
8. (D) London
9. (C) 1961
10. (D) Ethiopia

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