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Grammar and Vocabulary Mcqs – English

Grammar structure is the arrangement of auxiliary standards that oversee the composition of sentences, phrases, and words. For example, how to conjugate verbs and put them into sentences. Vocabulary is the arrangement of words that are well-known inside a language. For example, a rundown of parts of the body, hair, eyes, lips, teeth, is vocabulary.

Grammar and Vocabulary Sample Mcqs

1. We couldn’t open the new store as scheduled, due to lacking ____ _.
a) Funds
b) Shares
c) Expenses
d) Interest rates

2. Three very _____ cats are owned by us.

a) Alike
b) Same
c) Similar-looking
d) Alike-looking

3. You should just leave him alone, if your invitations are met with repeated ______ .
a) Rebuffs
b) Blunts
c) Negatives
d) Hypotheses

4. _____ i can talk, you are the only person.
a) Which
b) That
c) To who
d) To whom

5. Mr Smith was _____ mishandling funds, in the course of the meeting.
a) Informed by
b) Denied
c) Accused of
d) Praised for


1. (A) funds
2. (C) similar looking
3. (A) Rebuffs
4. (D) to Whom
5. (C) Accused of

6. She admitted that she had contemplated suicide on many an occasion, writing her memoirs, Doreen, _____ lost a daughter to cancer.

a) Have
b) Who must
c) Who had herself
d) Would have

7. As _____ the neighbor-hood I do have concerns, but i don’t dislike the building.
a) In
b) Regards
c) Well
d) If

8. Plenty of time I’ve told you that i _______ .
a) do love you
b) was love you
c) need love you
d) have love you

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9. Having such a famous man for a mother____ had an effect on Emily’s childhood.
a) Must have
b) Having
c) Have
d) Must

10.My brother ____ bought a laptop for his birthday last year.
a) Has
b) Had
c) Was
d) Were


6. (C) ‎Who had herself
7. (B) Regards
8. (A) do love you
9. (A) Must have
10. (C) was

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