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Islamic Study Mcqs

Islamic studies is a term that can mean two distinct things. “Islamic studies” can mean inquiring about or learning any point in a manner that concurs with Islamic knowledge. It incorporates all the conventional types of religious idea, for example, Kalam (Islamic theology) and Fiqh (Islamic law).

Islamic Studies Sample Mcqs

(1)  Key note of fasting is . . . .
a) Self – discipline
b) Self – control
c) Selflessness
d) a and b
e) a and c
f ) none of these

(2)  The shield of Islam is . . . .
a) Zakat
b) Salat
c) Fasting
d) Hajj
e) Umrah
f) none of these

(3) The meaning of Ai’tekaf is . . . .
a) Seclusion
b) Ablution
c) Prostration
d) a and b
e) none of these

(4) The meaning of Khums is . . . .
a) One fifth
b) One fourth
c) One sixth
d) One seventh
e) One eighth
f) none of  these

(5) The month of Ramazan Islamic calendar is . . . .
a) 10th
b) 9th
c) 11th
d) 12th
e) 7th
f) none of these


1. (D) a and b
2. (C) Fasting
3. (C) Prostration
4. (A) One fifth
5. (B) 9th

(6) Zakat is also defined as . . . .
a) extra – spending
b) Pure act
c) Poor rate
d) Help of the poor
e) a and b
f) none of these

(7) Gaza is the Capital of . . . .
a) Palestine
b) Jordan
c) Iraq
d) Syria
e) Egypt
f) none of these

(8) Salat -e- Istakhara is offered by . . . .
a) Divine guidance
b) Rain
c) Death
d) Fear
e) Health
f) none of these

(9) Kalimahs of Islam are . . . .
a) 5
b) 4
c) 2
d) 6
e) 1
f) none of these

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(10) The second name of Kalimah is . . . .
a) Kalimah -e-Tauba
b) Kalimah -e- Tamjeed
c) Kalimah -e- Tayyaba
d) Kalimah -e- Shahadat
e) none of these


6. (C) ‎Poor rate 
7. (A) Palestine
8. (A) Divine guidance
9. (D) 6
10. (D) Kalimah -e- Shahadat

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