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MCAT – English

English grammar and sentence structure multiple choice questions, these sample questions are for English grammar tests, Toefl, and other exams.


English Sample Questions

1. For good health, she ________ bed earlier.
(A) should go
(B) should go to
(C) should goes
(D) should goes to

2. If you have time, you ________ the nature museum.
(A) should visit
(B) should visited
(C) have to visit
(D) would visit

3. It is our problem, not ________.
(A) their
(B) theirs
(C) there
(D) there’s

4. The number of guests at the party ________ amazing.
(A) was
(B) were
(C) had
(D) have had

5.  ________ 600 and 800 B.C, Olympics were held in Athens, Greece.
(A) During
(B) Until
(C) Unless
(D) Between


1. should go to
2. should visit
3. theirs
4. was
5. Between

6. She ________ the driving test to get a license.
(A) should pass
(B) should has passed
(C) has to pass
(D) have to pass

7. As there were no buses, she ________ home last night.
(A) has to walk
(B) has to walked
(C) had to walk
(D) had to walked

8. ________ these books belong to?
(A) Who do
(B) Who does
(C) Whom do
(D) Whom does

9. If John ________ earlier, he would always be on time.
(A) get up
(B) got up
(C) had get up
(D) had got up

10. Jolie ________ a book yesterday.
(A) had read
(B) readed
(C) red
(D) read


6. has to pass
7. had to walk
8. Who do
9. got up
10. read

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