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MCAT – Physics

Following sample questions are for the MCAT Physics Test.


Physics Sample Questions

1. Which radiation has the lowest frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum?
(A) X-rays
(B) Gamma rays
(C) Ultraviolet rays
(D) Radio rays

2. Which rays are useful in cancer treatment?
(A) X-rays
(B) Gamma rays
(C) Ultraviolet rays
(D) Radio rays

3. The speed of sound will be maximum if passing through
(A) vacuum
(B) air
(C) water
(D) iron

4. The wire used to make the filament of a light bulb is made of
(A) nichrome
(B) chromel
(C) tungsten
(D) fire-clay

5. The wire used to make heating elements in electric kettles and irons are made of
(A) nichrome
(B) chromel
(C) tungsten
(D) fire-clay


1. Radio rays
2. Gamma rays
3. iron
4. tungsten
5. nichrome

6. In metals, the charge carriers are
(A) electrons
(B) protons
(C) neutrons
(D) none of these

7. A device that accelerates beams of charged particles is known as
(A) Capacitor
(B) Resistor
(C) Cyclatron
(D) Synchrotron

8. The branch of Physics that deals with behaviour and properties of light is called
(A) Electrostatics
(B) kinematics
(C) Mechanics
(D) Optics

9. Which from the following is/are NOT electromagnetic radiation(s)?
I. Alpha rays
II. Beta rays
III. Gamma rays
(A) I only
(B) II only
(C) III only
(D) I and II

10. Which from the following electromagnetic radiation is associated with heat transfer through radiation?
(A) Microwaves
(B) Infrared rays
(C) X-Rays
(D) Gamma rays


6. electrons
7. Cyclatron
8. Optics
9. I and II
10. Infrared rays



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