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NAT – IIB Chemistry (Bio Science)

NAT-IIB Test is for Students Who have Completed their 14 Years Education in Medical (Bio) Sciences and are looking for confirmation in College/University for Masters Degree.


Chemistry Sample Questions

21.Matter is composed of
a) Radicals
b) Molecules
c) Atoms
d) Ions

22. During the process of chemical bonding, atoms try to attain
e) Noble gas configuration
f) Stable configuration
g) Simple configuration
h) Unstable configuration

23. The attractive force that holds atoms together in molecules is called
i) Bond
j) Chemical bond
k) Force of attraction
l) Electrostatic force

24. Nature of cathode rays remains the same irrespective of the
m) Glass used
n) Gas used
o) Electrode used
p) Potential used

25. Cathode rays always travel in a
q) Circular path
r) Cured path
s) Zig zag path
t) Straight path


(21) Atoms
(22) Noble gas configuration
(23) Chemical bond
(24) Gas used
(25) Straight path

26. Deflecting of cathode rays towards positively charged plats indicate it is
u) Negatively charged
v) Neutral
w) Electromagnetic wave
x) Positively charged

27. By reducing the pressure of the gas in a discharge tube
y) Gas glows
z) Gas ionizes
aa) Gas conducts electricity
bb) A discharge takes place

28. Neon sign is an example of
cc) Florescent tube
dd) Distillation tube
ee) Discharge tube
ff) Electrolytic tube

29.Electric current in the conductors is the movement of
gg) Charged particles
hh) Electrons
ii) Protons
jj) Neutrons

30. Atomic theory was particulate by
kk) Dalton
ll) Newton
mm) Bohr
nn) Thompson


(26) Negatively charged
(27) Gas conducts electricity
(28) Discharge tube
(29) Electrons
(30) Dalton

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