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NAT – IIB Zoology (Bio Science)

NAT-IIB Test is for Students Who have Completed their 14 Years Education in Medical (Bio) Sciences and are looking for confirmation in College/University for Masters Degree.


Zoology Sample Questions

41. Insects are characterized by:
(a) 3 pairs of legs
(b) Two pairs of antennae
(c) Wings on body
(d) Large sized eggs
(e) None of these

42 Body is metamorically segmented in:
(a) Porifera
(b) Annelida
(c) Coelentrata
(d) None of these

43 Which of the following arthropod are totally aquatic?
(a) Crustaceans
(b) Insects
(c) Milipedes
(d) None of these

44 Dorsal tubular nerve cord is characteristic of:
(a) Some chordates
(b) Some non chordates
(c) All non chordates
(d) All chordates
(e) None of these

45 Opposable thumbs are characteristic feature of:
(a) Lagomorpha
(b) Primates
(c) Edentata
(d) None of these


(41) 3 pairs of legs
(42) Annelida
(43) None of these
(44) All chordates
(45) Primates

46 Differences in the scales of fishes and reptiles lies in their being:
(a) Endodermal and dry
(b) Epidermal and dry
(c) Epidermal and wet
(d) Endodermal and wet
(e) None of these

47 Which of the following has oxygenated blood?
(a) Renal veins
(b) Pulmonary veins
(c) Pulmonary artery
(d) Hepatic portal veins
(e) None of these

48 Scapula is the bone of:
(a) Skull
(b) Pelvic girdle
(c) Pectoral girdle
(d) Vertebral column
(e) None of these

49 All the digestive are formed in vertebrates by:
(a) Ectoderm only
(b) Endoderm only
(c) Mesoderm only
(d) None of these

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50 Ammonia is chief excretory product in
(a) Reptiles
(b) Turtles
(c) Mammals
(d) Fish
(e) None of these


(46) Epidermal and dry
(47) Pulmonary veins
(48) Pelvic girdle
(49) Endoderm only
(50) Fish

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