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NAT – IIM Business Ethics (Management Sciences Group)

NAT-IIM Test is for Students Who have Completed their 14 Years Education in Management Sciences and are looking for affirmation in College/University for Masters Degree


Business Ethics Sample Questions

1. By which act government checks restrictive trade?
A. Industrial Policy Act 1991
C. C.FEMA act
D. None of these

2: Which of the following does not fall within the jurisdiction of MRTP commission?
A. Prevention of Monopolistic Trade practices
B. Prevention of Restrictive trade practices
C. Prohibition of Unfair Trade Practices
D. Regulation of Combinations

3: Liberalization means
A. Liberating the industry, trade and economy from unwanted restrictions
B. Opening up of economy to the world by attaining international competitiveness
C. Free determination of interest rate
D. Reducing number of reserved industries from 17 to 8

4: When a company taken over another one and clearly becomes the new owner, the
action is called
A. Merger
B. Acquisition
C. Strategic Alliance
D. None of the above

5. Relaxing the restrictions and controls imposed on Business and industry means
A. Liberalisation
B. Privatisation
C. Globalisation
D. None of the above


(1) MRTP Act
(2) Regulation of Combinations
(3) Liberating the industry, trade and economy from unwanted restrictions
(4) Acquisition
(5) Liberalisation

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