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NAT – IM Subject Knowledge (Pre Medical Group)

NAT IM is for those candidates who have passed their FSc and A Levels in Pre Medical gathering. NAT IM is acknowledged for admission to Bachelors in Bio-Science


Subject Knowledge Sample Questions


61. The dimensional formula ML2 T-2 represents
a) The moment of a force
b) acceleration
c) Force
d) Momentum

62. Watt/sec is a unit of
a) momentum
b) force
c) energy
d) power

63. A fixed pulley is employed to
a) do more work with the same force but without using pulley
b) change the direction of force
c) same work
d) have mechanical advantage greater than one

64. The force of friction that comes into action after the motion has started is known as
a) dynamic friction
b) static friction
c) friction only
d) limiting friction

65. Let a disc, a cylinder, a solid sphere, and a ring be rolled down in an inclined plane simultaneously.
Which will reach first?
a) disc
b) cylinder
c) solid sphere
d) ring


(61) The moment of a force
(62) force
(63) change the direction of force
(64) limiting friction
(65) cylinder

66. Forces of 3N, 4N and 12N act at a point in mutually perpendicular direction. The magnitude of the
resultant force in newton is
a) 13
b) 11
c) 5
d) indeterminate from the information given

67. Which of the following is not necessary for work to be done?
a) an applied force
b) a force component along the displacement
c) a displacement
d) a constant speed

68. A body at rest may have
a) speed
b) momentum
c) velocity
d) energy

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69. We know that forces are vectors because
a) they obey the same mathematical rules that displacement obey
b) they are defined in such a way that they are vectors
c) they always add to zero
d) they have magnitude

70. A car accelerates for 10s at 6 m/s2. What is its final seed if its initial was 4 m/s?
a) 34 m/s
b) 64 m/s
c) 60 m/s
d) 30 m/s


(66) 11
(67) a constant speed
(68) energy
(69) they obey the same mathematical rules that displacement obey
(70) 64 m/s

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