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Networking Mcqs – Networking

A network is a collection of computers, servers, mainframes, network devices, peripherals, or different devices connected to each other to permit the sharing of information. A superb case of a network is the Internet, which interfaces a great many individuals everywhere throughout the world. To the privilege is a model picture of a home network with various computers and other network devices all connected.

Networking Sample Mcqs

1. IP address is IP of which class?

A. Class C
B. Class D
C. Class A
D. Class B
E. both A & B

2. Which of the following net is the combination of two or more networks?

C. Internetwork
D. None of these

3. FTP is the  …?

A. File transmission protocol
B. File transfer protocol
C. Form transmission protocol
D. Form transfer protocol
E. None of these

4. Which of the following topology is the multipoint topology?

A. Bus
B. Star
C. Mesh
D. Ring
E. None of these

5. Which services are the network services?

A. Database service
B. File service
C. Print service
D. All of these


1. (A) Class C
2. (C) Internetwork
3. (B) File transfer protocol
4. (A) Bus
5. (D) All of these

6. In the communication pathway data transfers from one point to another through_____.

A. Medium
B. Node
C. Link
D. All of these

7. All devices are connected to a central hub with the help of which of the following network topology?

A. Star Topology
B. Tree Topology
C. Bus Topology
D. Ring Topology
E. None of these

8. In LAN commonly used topologies are_____.

A. Mesh and Ring
B. Bus and ring
C. Star
D. both B & C

9. FDDI stands for.

A. Fiber Distributed Data Interface
B. Fiber Data Distributed Interface
C. Fiber Dual Distributed Interface
D. Fiber Distributed Data Interface
E. None of these

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10. High speed connectivity providing through_______network.

D. All of these


6. (C) ‎Link
7. (A) Star Topology
8. (D) Both B & C
9. (D) Fiber Distributed Data Interface
10. (B) MAN

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