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Networking Programming Mcqs – Networking

Network Programming includes composing programs that communicate with other. programs over a computer network. There are numerous issues that emerge when doing network programming which don’t show up when doing single program applications. Be that as it may, JAVA makes networking applications straightforward due to the simple to-utilize libraries.

Networking Programming Sample Mcqs

1. ______ are the advantages of hierarchical routing.

A. Flexibility
B. Reliability
C. Scalability
D. Portability
E. None of these

2. One of the following the java.net Net Address class represents.

A. Socket
B. Protocol
C. IP Address
D. MAC Address
E. All of these

3. ______is the Central Computer powerful than other computers in the network.

A. Server
B. Hub
C. Client
D. Switch
E. Both A and B

4. TCP groups a number of bytes together______in a packets.

A. user datagram
B. datagram
C. segment
D. packet
E. None of these

5. one of the following classes are used for connection-less socket programming?

A. Datagram Socket
B. Datagram Packet
C. Both Datagram Socket
D. Datagram Packet
E. None of these


1. (C) Scalability
2. (C) IP Address
3. (A) Server
4. (C) Segment
5. (A) Datagram Socket

6. one of the following is a path vector routing?

A. exterior gateway protocol
B. inter-domain routing
C. network routing protocol
D. All of these

7. _______is the Machine that places the request to access the data

A. Client Machine
B. Server Machine
C. Request Machine
D. None of these

8. ______is the default port of SMTP.

A. 25
B. 70
C. 80
D. 85
E. None of these

9. ______ Net Ware protocol provides link-state routing.


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10. one of the following applications of the Client and Server Model?

A. Email
B. Network Printing
C. World Wide Web
D. All of these


6. (C) ‎network routing protocol
7. (B) Server Machine
8. (A) 25
9. (C) NLSP
10. (D) All of these

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