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Requirement Management Mcqs – Software Engineering

Requirements management is the way toward dealing with a basically expressed want or need. Effective requirements are the way to conveying great items. This area clarifies what requirements management is and what highlights you should search for in a requirements management tool.

Requirement Management Sample Mcqs

1. Which two requirements are given priority during Requirement Management of a product ?
a) User and Developer
b) Functional and Non-functional
c) Enduring and Volatile
d) All of the mentioned

2. Considering the example of issue/return of a book, cataloging etc. in a library management.What type of management requirement is being depicted here?
a) Enduring
b) Volatile
c) Both Enduring & Volatile
d) All of the mentioned

3. Why is Requirements Management Important ? It is due to the changes
a) to the environment
b) in technology
c) in customer’s expectations
d) in all of the mentioned.

4. Requirements Management is a prerequisite for Quality-Oriented Development.
a) True
b) False

5. Requirements traceability is one of the most important part requirement management. It may also be referred to as the heart of requirement management.
a) True
b) False


(1) C
(2) A
(3) D
(4) A
(5) A

6. Requirements Management has a high initial start-up cost but does not need ongoing funding throughout a project.
a) True
b) False

7. Which of the following is not a Requirement Management workbench tool ?
a) RTM
c) Rational Suite
d) RDD 100

8. Which of the following is a requirement management activity ?
a) Investigation
b) Design
c) Construction and Test
d) All of the mentioned

9. What functionality of Requirement Management Tool (RMT) is depicted by the statement: “the tool should be able to automatically detect relations between artifacts. For example information retrieval techniques, monitoring of change history, naming schemas or model transformations.”
a) Automatic Link Detection
b) Documentation Support
c) Graphical Representation
d) Automatic Link Creation and Change

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10. According to a statistical report: “over 30% of all software projects are cancelled before completion and over 70% of the remainder fail to deliver expected features”. What must be the reason for such a situation ?
a) Poor change management
b) Poor requirements management
c) Poor quality control
d) All of the mentioned


(6) B
(7) C
(8) D
(9) A
(10) B



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