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SAT Test incorporates Critical Reading, Math, and Writing section, with a particular number of inquiries identified with content. Moreover, there is one 25-minute unscored section, known as the variable or equating segment. This unscored area might be either critical reading, math, or writing multiple-choice section.


Biology Sample Questions

1. If a red flower crossed with pink flower, flower colour in F1 generation will?
A. Green
B. Pink
C. Red
D. Brown

2. FSH is secreted by a lobe of the pituitary gland that is?
A. Inferior
B. Posterior
C. Lateral
D. Ventral

3. Tallness, colour and shape are examples of?
A. Phenotype
B. Genotype
C. Morphology
D. Anatomy

4. In gene therapy healthy gene is used to replace?
A. Dead gene
B. Abnormal gene
C. Defective gene
D. Old gene

5. Corpus lateum and progesterone are secreted by?
A. Primary follicle
B. Graafian follicle
C. Corpus luteum
D. Cerebrum


(1) Pink
(2) Inferior
(3) Phenotype
(4) Abnormal gene
(5) Corpus luteum

6. Evolution by natural selection was proposed by?
A. Robert brown
B. Charles darwin
C. Mendel
D. Robert koch

7. Semen fluid contains an enzyme which nourishes sperm and enables them to?
A. Grow
B. Divide
C. Germinate
D. Swim

8. FSH production can be inhibited by the high level of?
A. Progesterone
B. Oestrogen
C. Follicle

9. Genotype IoIo is a homozygous?
A. Dominant
B. Recessive
C. Co dominant
D. Over dominant

10. AIDS patient can produce antibodies after 2 to 12?
A. Days
B. Months
C. Hours
D. Weeks


(6) Charles darwin
(7) Swim
(8) Oestrogen
(9) Recessive
(10) Weeks

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