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SAT FAQs: Entry Test Preparation, Guidelines & Subjects

SAT Entry Test Preparation Guidelines & Help

SAT Subject Tests are college admission exams on specific subjects. This aptitude test is a national admission test where you can choose subjects of your interest. The scores attained would be in accordance with your strengths and area of interest. In the Indian context, SAT subject test scores are used by the NIT admission council in India for the admission under DASA ( Direct Admission Students Abroad) quota and under CIWG ( Children of Indian Workers in Gulf) scheme. SAT Subject tests are conducted by the college board.

SAT Subject Tests:

The SAT papers have been redesigned time to time, but the SAT Subject Tests syllabus is kept almost same. Few of the important highlights of SAT Subject Test are enlisted below;

  • There are 20 SAT Subject Tests that incorporates five general subject areas. It includes English, History, Languages, Mathematics and Science ( Physics, Chemistry and biology ( E/M).
  • Each of the Subject Test is provided with an hour duration time to work upon. The questions are of multiple choices with four tentative options. Furthermore, the scores are provided on a scale of 200-800.
  • The Subject Test is featured to judge the knowledge of subjects studied at the high-level school. It is recommended to prepare for the subjects from the relevant courses and work hard on them.
  • SAT Subject Test is generally conducted six times in an academic year. The dates and centres for SAT Subject Test would be same as for the SAT Exam, but not all 20 tests are offered on every SAT date.
  • The Language with the Listening test is conducted in the month of November each year.
  • You get the choice to give one, two, or three Subjects Tests on any of the test date.
  • However, you can’t take SAT and an SAT Subject Test on a particular date.
  • Some of the Subject Test would demand you to bring some special equipment – for example; CD players for the language with listening tests.
  • The candidate will have the choice to select the test date when you register. You can add, subtract, or switch test with some of the limitations.
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