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Software Engineering – Software Testing Mcqs

Software Engineering

Software Engineering is characterized as a procedure of breaking down client necessities and afterward planning, building, and testing software application which will fulfill those prerequisites.

Here are important reasons behind the popularity of software engineering:

Software Testing Mcqs

Software testing can be expressed as the way toward checking and approving that a product or application is sans bug, meets the specialized prerequisites as guided by it’s plan and improvement and meets the client necessities successfully and effectively with taking care of all the excellent and limit cases.

The procedure of software testing points not just at discovering issues in the current programming yet additionally at discovering measures to improve the product regarding proficiency, exactness and ease of use. It for the most part targets estimating determination, usefulness and execution of a product program or application.

1. What is the order in which test levels are performed?
a) Unit,Integration, System,Acceptance
b) Unit ,System, Integration,Acceptance
c) Unit, Integration, Acceptance, System
d) It depends on nature of a project.

2. Which testing is concerned with behavior of whole product as per specified requirements?
a) Acceptance testing
b) Component testing
c) System testing
d) Integration testing

3. Software tester should be involved very early during development phase of a project.
a) True
b) false

4. System testing is a
a) Black box testing
b) White box testing
c) Grey box testing
d) Both a and b

5. System testing only deals with functional requirements.

a) True
b) false

6. Beta testing is useful way of compatibility testing.
a) True
b) False

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7. Testing a functionality of software has two parts, requirement specification testing and business process based testing.
a) True
b) False

8. Which of the following is not a method of dynamic testing
1. System testing
2. UAT
3. Inspection
4. Unit Testing
5. Walk through
6. Technical review

a) 1,2,4
b) 3,5,6
c) 2,3,5,6
d) All of the above

9. System architecture is determined during which phase?
a) Requirement gathering
b) Implementation
c) Development
d) Design

10.Verifying that whether software components are functioning correctly and identifying the defects in them is objective of which level of testing?
a) Integration testing
b) Acceptance testing
c) Unit testing
d) System Testing

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