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Software Testing Mcqs

Software Testing

Software testing is a procedure, to assess the usefulness of a product application with a purpose to discover whether the developed software met the predefined necessities or not and to distinguish the deformities to guarantee that the item is without imperfection so as to deliver the quality product.

Configuration Management

Configuration Management (CM) is a frameworks building process for setting up and keeping up consistency of a products performance, practical, and physical traits with its requirements, plan, and operational data for an incredible duration.

1. What is the name of process which will ensure that different versions of system and its components are recorded and maintained?
a) Workspace
b) code control
c) versions
d) Configuration Control

2. Which items is/are configuration items.
a) source code
b) Test cases
c) Design specification
d) Third party/software and hardware
e) all of the above

3.Configuration management is only important during development activity.
a) True
b) False

4. Which is not a task of a configuration management?
a) Version control
b) Reporting
c) Change management
d) Quality control

5. Configuration management is possible only by using automated tools.
a) True
b) False

6. A specification which is formally reviewed and agreed upon is called as a
a) Caseline
b) Proline
c) Baseline
d) All of the above

7. The reviewed & approved document is called as a
a) Delivery document
b) Checklist
c) Baseline
d) All the above

8. Connecting devices are divided into
a) Five different categories
b) Four different categories
c) Three different categories
d) Seven different categories

9. The Configuration management can be divided into two subsystems which are
a) Reconfiguration and documentation
b) Management and configuration
c) Documentation and dialing up
d) both a and c

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10. Cellular telephony was designed to provide communications between two
a) Static units
b) Moving units
c) Land units
d) All of the above

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